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Punch Communications is an integrated PR, search and social media agency with a strong understanding of how each discipline enhances and underpins the others.

Since the business started in 2003, Punch has achieved significant growth and we are always looking to fill PR jobs with talented professionals who are also great team players to help drive the business forward.

From account executives to account directors, we seek people who display professionalism, creativity, and the ability to competently handle both clients and media contacts.

Punch also offers a range of SEO jobs and social media jobs for candidates of all experience levels.

If you are looking for a PR agency, be sure to check out the wide range of services we have to offer.

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Punch Search Engine Intelligence 18/09/2014

  • New Google Patent To Use TV As Search Algorithm Signal
  • Google Fixes Its Own Indexing Problems
  • Bing Introduces Tablet-Related Device Targeting
  • Google Updates Webmaster Tool API

Case Study

WWF Fundraising

PR campaigns to promote the activities of the world's largest and most experienced independent conservation organisation.


Could Our Favourite TV Shows Affect The Search Results We Receive?

The latest Google patent, granted on 16 September 2014, suggested that the search giant is looking into ways to marry a user’s search and television experiences together.