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Meet the Team

From newbies fresh from university eager to cut their teeth in the industry to seasoned professionals with more than 30 years of experience, the Punch team is composed of talented individuals demonstrating a remarkable breadth of skills and backgrounds. 

Why we love working at Punch

Prior to joining Punch, we have worked in cities all over the world, including Sydney, Paris, New York, Barcelona, Brussels, Miami, Dubai, and Malawi. Our experience spans a variety of sectors with clients such as the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games, Citigroup, Visa, UK Department for Transport, Direct Line, lastminute.com, Courvoisier, Nespresso, Christie's International Real Estate, Scholastic, Fodor's, Virgin, Match.com, Dow Chemicals, Boeing, Microsoft, and IPC Media, just to name a few!

What we have in common is our commitment to achieving results for our clients, dedication to the job, loyalty to each other and the company, and love of a good laugh.


Ello: A Digital Marketer’s First Look

I've been playing with Ello for a couple of days now and whilst it's by no means perfect, on reflection, I have to confess that I like it. Its intentional stripped back minimalism is undoubtedly part of the charm. However, numerous functions that might be regarded as fairly basic for a social network, are either coming soon (mute/block), or broken (search) at the time of writing. So, here's a quick walkthrough of some of the highs and lows of my first 48 hours with Ello.

Ello - a digital marketers first impressions


This Week’s Round-Up Of Search And Social Media News

There have been some interesting new developments from the world of search and social media this week, from Instagram introducing ads to UK users, to Google continuing its efforts to target private blog networks.

Punch Blog

Ranked as one of the top 50 PR blogs in the UK, the Punch blog offers in-depth analysis of developments across SEO, PR, and social media. It also showcases the diverse personalities that make up the Punch team and how we incorporate our passion for everything related to SEO, PR, and social media in our daily lives.