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Justin Bieber backs selfie app Shots

Is ‘Shots’ The Next Big Photo-Sharing Network?

Shots, the Justin Bieber-backed selfie app, has hit 1 million downloads and 750,000 active monthly users - will it become the next big photo-sharing network?

Rob Alcock

Diary Blog: Week Four

Weighing up the pros and cons of working outside of London

Sam Lowther

Punch looks at the latest Facebook best practice for brands’ content

Best Practice Recommendations For Facebook Content

In the on-going pursuit to achieve high levels of organic social engagement, many brands continue to search for an answer to the golden Facebook question; “What is best practice when it comes to Facebook content?”

Erin Ablett

This Week’s Social Media And SEO News Round-Up

Punch visits the latest Social Media and SEO news.

Sam Wood

A Month In The Life Of A PR Newbie

Three weeks in and not-so-newbie Chloe becomes more efficient at multitasking in her day-to-day activities, from learning intricate PR systems to the occasional office bagel.

Chloe Elliott