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This Week’s Round-Up Of Search And Social Media News

It has been yet another busy week in the world of search news with Google releasing its latest Panda update, while the social sphere has been getting excited about the ad-free network, Ello.

Andrew Allen

Ello - a digital marketers first impressions

Ello: A Digital Marketer’s First Look

I've been playing with Ello for a couple of days now and whilst it's by no means perfect, on reflection, I have to confess that I like it. Its intentional stripped back minimalism is undoubtedly part of the charm. However, numerous functions that might be regarded as fairly basic for a social network, are either coming soon (mute/block), or broken (search) at the time of writing. So, here's a quick walkthrough of some of the highs and lows of my first 48 hours with Ello.

Pete Goold

This Week’s Round-Up Of Search And Social Media News

There have been some interesting new developments from the world of search and social media this week, from Instagram introducing ads to UK users, to Google continuing its efforts to target private blog networks.

Alex Hunt

Google rolls out launch of local inventory ads to new audiences

Savvy Shoppers Search!

Google expands its local inventory ads to markets beyond the US.

Sam Lowther

Instagram Ads Land In The UK

Instagram ads appear across UK feeds for the first time today, with selected brands including Sony Music, Starbucks and Cadbury in the mix.

Louise Jenkins

Your Round-Up Of This Week’s Search And Social Media News

This week, a number of exciting developments have emerged from the world of search and social media. Facebook has launched its new Media page and news of Google’s latest algorithm patent has surfaced. 

Celia Lacy