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Marc Jacobs Daisy Chain Pop-Up Tweet Shop Has UK All Of A Flutter

Marc Jacobs’ pop-up Tweet Shop hits London’s Covent Garden where only social currency is accepted.

Louise Jenkins

The Low-Down On This Week’s Search And Social Media News

In this week’s search and social media news, we take a look at the latest announcements from Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest alongside search engine giants Google and Bing.

Chloe Elliott

Common Duplicate Content Issues Facing E-commerce Websites

Duplicate content can be a major issue for many e-commerce websites due to their sheer size and the way they have been built. As such, webmasters need to be careful of potential issues that can arise and be amplified because of this.

Andrew Allen

Your Round-Up Of This Week’s Search and Social Media News

With the release of LinkedIn’s second quarter results for 2014 and the introduction of ‘Bing Ads’, it has been a non-stop week within the world of search and social media.

Rob Alcock

New Facebook Internet.org App Could Engage Millions Of New Internet Users

Sam reports on Facebook’s new app Internet.org, with aims to connect new areas of the world to the web. 

Sam Lowther