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Counting Down To Christmas With Instagram

Photo of Erica Whiteman 11/12/2012

As Jess and Erin have previously posted, the Christmas spirit is alive and well in the Punch office. Christmas trees, tinsel and garland are decorating the desks and a few of the team even have some chocolate advent calendars counting down the days until the main event. And although the chocolate ones are tasty, this year a digital alternative to the traditional advent calendars piqued my interest.

A creative team calling themselves Horrible Horses, have put together a user generated digital advent calendar called ’24 Grams’. This project showcases photographs submitted by users of Instagram, a popular social media photo app, that interpret a specific day of the month between the first and 24th December. To take part, the user snaps a photo, shares it via Instagram tagging @24grams and the day they have highlighted – i.e #Gram11. A winning photo is then uploaded to 24gra.ms.  In addition to being featured on the website, the winners are sent a personal gift. 

Like traditional advent calendars, each day is a surprise and on the 24th day the treat will be just a bit more special. Whether it’s with chocolate or photographs, counting down to Christmas is an exciting event, and having your photo featured on the 24 Grams advent calendar could make it that much more exciting.