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Getting Together at Christmas

Photo of Tyler Sox Tyler Sox 24/12/2012

The Christmas season is known as the time when families exchange gifts and spend some quality time together. However, if you are from abroad, like myself, contact will generally involve a number of expensive calls throughout the day, accompanied by the customary social-media-crisis.htmling of photos of the day’s events to family members in the weeks following.

That's why I was so excited to hear about Google’s new ‘Tis the season for get togethers’ campaign, which helps families get together this season through its Google+ Hangouts. The advert for the campaign shows the beloved TV characters Wallace and Gromit joining their friends and family using a Google+ Hangout, to share the moment they all open their presents together. As Google puts it you can: “Get your family together during the holidays, even if you can't all be in the same place.”

Anyone can arrange a Hangout within minutes by visiting familyhangouts.withgoogle.com, setting up a time and date and then sending out an invitation to friends and family. The only requirement from each invitee is an internet connection and a webcam. Each person can see and speak to each other as if in the same room, allowing everyone to show true appreciation to their relatives for gifts received.

The best feature of the Hangout is how multiple family members can be invited, so this year I can share Christmas memories with my family across Canada and the UK, without having to leave the comfort of my own home!