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Good Preeple or Bad Preeple?

Photo of Pete Goold Pete Goold 12/11/2008

There's been a lot of online chatter about PR people using Twitter over the last two or three days, kicked off by this post by Stephen Davies.

Subsequently a wiki has been set up showing which PR people are using Twitter - which includes the Punch team.

I've been playing with Twitter for a little while and love it. I can't pretend that I'm as immersed as some but certainly it has it's uses in terms of receiving and, moreover, distributing information in a way that people are happy to receive it.

Aside from the current hype, my personal interest started when the BBC ran a feed of two journalists' exploits whilst driving to and gadding around the rugby world cup in 2007, which struck me as both a shamelessly cheap yet completely engaging means of telling ther tale in a format that I could genuinely devote the time to reading.

So, for the record, the Punch team's respective Twitter feeds are as follows:

Abbie Upton - http://twitter.com/abbieupton
Ben Leuty - http://twitter.com/bleuty
Claire MacDonald - http://twitter.com/clairepunchcomm
Katharine Parker - http://twitter.com/kathparker1
Pete Goold - http://twitter.com/petegoold
Philip Keightley - http://twitter.com/PhilipKeightley

Surely it's only a matter of time before someone does the same for Linked In (great linkbait - if only i had the time...)?  There's a list of UK Journalists using Twitter here too (again by Stephen Davies/PRBlogger) - now that really is a valuable resource...