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Santa’s You’ve Got Mail

Photo of Erin Ablett Erin Ablett 03/12/2012

Whilst many Christmas traditions continue year after year; the family sitting by the fire place, stockings hung and the smell of freshly baked mince pieces wafting through the air, we can be certain that Christmas has the potential to be much more technologically advanced this year. For some, creating Christmas lists via social networks will substitute excitedly scribbling down lists of desired presents on reams of paper.

This year, I will be creating my first social Christmas wish list. Thanks to sites such as Pinterest, offering great ways to stylishly present Christmas wishes is easy. Creating a desirable Christmas Pinterest board not only allows users to pin what they would like to unwrap on the big day, but also takes friends and family to the page where they can buy those items – handy, as every spare minute is precious during the run-up to the festive period!

E-cards are also a popular addition to the traditional Christmas scene. Although I shall still handwrite the majority of my Christmas cards this year, I will also venture into the world of e-cards for friends and family living around the world – they also help me keep in touch with old school friends and colleagues scattered throughout the UK.

Hopefully, as creating Pinterest wish lists and sending e-cards becomes an ever growing phenomenon, we will lighten Santa’s load a little as he flies around the world – our Christmas present to the jolly old man who deserves some time to himself this Christmas. So instead of posting my letter to the North Pole, maybe I’ll ping Santa an e-card with a link to my Pinterest Board instead?