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The Real Christmas Message

Photo of Erin Ablett Erin Ablett 20/12/2012

Traditionally, Christmas is a time for sharing and spending time with loved ones. As my family picture has changed throughout the years, I am thankful that technology and social media have always remained one step ahead so I can stay in contact with friends and family throughout the UK and across seas with ease.

Thanks to video calling, my Christmas morning will involve the whole family gathering around a webcam as we all say “Merry Christmas” to new additions to the family in Russia. Memories from last year paint the picture of this Christmas morning: the awkwardly funny conversations in which we all sit and await translation and the elderly leaning in too close to the camera, shouting their messages as if they can be heard (without the aid of technology) across the 1,813 miles from St Petersburg to the UK. As it’s impractical to spend Christmas day with them, being able to see everyone and talk makes both sides of the screen happy.

Undouboeingedly social media will be at my fingertips throughout Christmas as I wish merriment to friends and family and share festive photos. I uploaded my first Christmas photo the other day; a grand Christmas tree in the town centre. Not only was I sharing the image, but also my childhood memories as this was where I came to watch outdoor nativity plays, holding my mum and dad’s hand and hearing squeals of delight from my younger brother.

The true meaning of Christmas, I believe, is to share it with loved ones and to be happy. Technology and social media allow us to connect instantly and keep in touch in real time – so my wish to Santa this year is to make sure my internet connection holds out so I can spend Christmas day with as many friends and family as possible!