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PR services from Punch Communications range from traditional values to comprehensive online communications.

All of our services are underpinned by our traditional PR expertise, alongside our passion for the emergence of digital or online PR. From media relations to crisis management, Punch covers the full spectrum of PR – increasing return on investment by coordinating campaigns with SEO and social media strategies.

Transparent, results-focused communications are at the heart of what we do. Whether we're developing and distributing press releases, planning events and managing product launches, or positioning clients as experts in their fields through thought leadership activities, we provide actionable insights into how campaigns are progressing, along with sound recommendations for future strategies.

For details about the specific PR services we offer, choose from the menu options on the left to read more about everything from digital PR to case study creation.

As a PR company, Punch works across a wide range of sectors, providing automotive, financial and technology PR services among many others. Discover more by exploring the tabs below.

We also offer a range of SEO and social media agency services, which can be integrated as needed alongside traditional PR services, to enhance overall campaign performance and provide greater return on your investment.

For impactful, creative PR campaigns, contact us or find out more by downloading our credentials.

In their own words...

"Punch has delivered widespread consumer coverage which has supported numerous WWF campaigns. With results across the national, consumer, regional and online media we have been delighted with what Punch achieved on our behalf."

Jen Barnes Supporter Management Executive - Acquisition

In their own words...

"Punch has a superb working understanding of the swiftly evolving social and search disciplines which, combined with the team's background in traditional PR activities, provides a unique perspective. The team is super-responsive and, critically, listens to our needs before responding, rather than simply offering a stock solution. Within the first months of working together, we swiftly developed a strong partnership which is geared towards delivering success for our business through excellence, endeavour and the practical application of best practice."

Ben Padley Former VP, Head of Digital Marketing & CRM Sony Xperia

In their own words...

"Punch's ability to understand digital marketing platforms and analyse the structure and operation of our channels from an external viewpoint has been a key asset in achieving our core objectives in digital. Coupled with the team's attention to detail and responsiveness, Punch has become invaluable in assisting Barclaycard in delivering success and excellence in many areas."

Katie Doble-Birch Social Media Director

In their own words...

“Punch has the experience and ability to recognise the significance of strategic reporting and content optimisation within social media. Punch offers us invaluable insight and an always-on resource. This means that Electrolux has the tools at hand to be much better placed to deliver results on our core marketing campaigns and objectives.”

Mattias Holm Vice President Social Media and PR

In their own words...

"We looked globally for the best agencies to help us achieve our objectives on an international level. Punch demonstrated the depth of experience and the breadth of reach that we sought, as well as an ambitious and enthusiastic attitude. Within the first weeks, Punch delivered the keyword rankings they promised."

Simon Foster Digital Strategy & Product Development


Punch Social Media Intelligence 10/04/14

  • Twitter Updates Web Profile Design To Be More Customisable And Engaging
  • Facebook Removes Sponsored Stories To Make Way For More Effective Ad Targeting
  • Asia’s Up-And-Coming Messaging Apps Look Set To Rival Whatsapp In Both Price And Popularity
  • Facebook Removes Its Chat Option To Encourage Use Of Messenger App

Case Study


Integrated PR, SEO and social media activities to position CTEK as a global authority on smart chargers for batteries.

CTEK appointed Punch Communications for PR services.


Ghost In The Machine

Today marks my second anniversary with Punch, and while two years may not seem like a long time in the grand scheme of things, so much has happened since 16 April 2012 that it feels like a lot longer.

Just a short commute across the pond to see my Punch family.