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Punch's integrated PR and SEO service draws upon the same methods as traditional PR, but takes advantage of digital media and our knowledge of SEO to deliver an enhanced, dual benefit.

By link building through content marketing, we develop credible online pieces featuring links which improve search rankings to make your website easier to find and to capitalise on increased interest in your organisation.

Our approach makes your PR campaigns not only more visible, but also more measurable by adding quantifiable elements such as keyword tracking through weekly reporting into the mix.

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Punch Search Engine Intelligence 01/10/2015

  • Google Announce Ranking Boost For App Indexing API Usage
  • URL Removal Language Changed To “Temporarily Hide”
  • App-Based Deep Linking Could Be The Future Of Linkbuilding
  • Google May Not Know The Location Of Half Its Users

Case Study

Fitness Footwear

Traditional and digital PR campaign to raise the profile of an online footwear retailer and drive traffic to its website.

Fitness Footwear appointed Punch Communications for PR services.


Act Now! Facebook Rolls Out Call-To-Action Feature

Jessica looks at how businesses can use the Facebook Call-to-Action button to increase conversions, heighten engagement, and direct social traffic.

As Facebook’s Call-To-Action button rolls out in the UK, we show you how to make the most of the new feature in order to drive social engagement.