Over time, Twitter has struck the perfect partnership with popular TV events by becoming a one-stop shop for the latest updates, images, and chatter, and this year’s Academy Awards have proven no exception.  On Sunday night, the eagerly awaited Hollywood highlight hit the screens and, as many avid social media users are aware, Twitter was the place to be for becoming first in the know. In fact, Twitter released its own blog, specifically talking about how the Oscars unfolded on their social network.


Undoubtedly, the Academy Awards provide rich social media content, with #Oscars proving to strengthen the reach and engagement of any post it was used within.  As a result, social media activity surged throughout the show and beyond, allowing brands to create a real-time buzz while demonstrating their personable side.


The potential for Oscar-related content to go viral was proven only last year, when Ellen Degeneres’ celebrity-packed selfie smashed records and became the most retweeted picture of all time  – just one hour after being posted. But, celebrities aside, who were the brands that jumped on the bandwagon this year, and more importantly, who takes the Oscar for ‘Best Brand’ on social?


Brands that capitalised on the Oscars via their social media channels include NASA, Lego, Netflix, AMEX, Mars, Cadillac and Coca-Cola, to name but a few.

Cadillac used the evening to release new content and visuals for its #DAREGREATLY campaign, which stars Oscar-nominated director Richard Linklater. This no doubt gained further reach by capitalising on the Academy Award buzz. Brands such as NASA also used the opportunity to package content for its target market, with the inclusion of film references and by using stunning imagery to match. Lego also got in on the action by reigniting the buzz around The LEGO Movie hashtag #EverythingIsAwesome.

Certain brands took a more light-hearted approach to the awards, including Cottonelle who used the #GoCommando hashtag in relation to having the confidence to go commando on the red carpet. Although the nominees were shy to share their #GoCommando moments, comedienne Kathy Griffin was happy to use the hashtag on their behalf, informing her 2 million Twitter followers that she had spotted many stars wearing ‘lovely gowns with nothing underneath’.

As ever, real-time marketing remains a great way to demonstrate your brand’s personality and approachable nature. If you would like help creating and managing social campaigns for your brand, drop us a line to find out how tailored campaigns could meet your business needs.