Having been out travelling to the beautiful, brisk land of Sweden for client meetings, this year’s April Fools’ Day was a bit of a blur due to a mix of workshops and aeroplanes detracting from what’s usually an interesting day of pranks, particularly with social media now being the most prominent medium through which they are shared. By way of a refresher, here’s a few of the best from 2014’s April 1st shenanigans, plus an inadvertent one from the search team whilst we were in transit…


1. Skoda UK

Skoda UK’s design team had their work cut out this year, developing a beautiful, faux fur finished edition of the new Skoda Yeti, labeled the ‘Ice Edition’. Not the most practical of finishes given how heavy it would get when it rained, but a great prank that many fell for. Not one for me on the outside, but with a finish like that for the interior – how cosy would that be in the winter?!


2. Flora & Marmite

I guess the saying ‘you either love it or you hate it’ still rings true for this foolish combo. That said, the idea itself proved overwhelmingly popular, with both brands rumoured to be considering making it a reality. So, keep your eyes open for ‘Flormite’ on a supermarket shelf near you…


3. Kopparberg

Remember cider ice lollies? Well, the clever folk at Kopparberg teased another April Fools idea with their effort below – Kopparberg ice lollies. Yet again, consumer sentiment has resulted in Kopparberg seriously considering putting the idea into production. Could the perfect accompaniment to an iced glass of your favourite cider be an ice lolly to match?


4. Amazon

What’s the best thing about starting a new book? The smell of fresh paper, obviously – one of the many perks of reading a hard or paperback that is lost when reading with kindles or tablets. Fear not though book lovers, for Amazon has come up with a new cover for e-readers that omits that delightful scent of your favourite novels – priceless stuff.


5. Punch

Whilst not entirely deliberate, the Punch search team (including myself) managed to come up with an inadvertent April Fools’ joke of our own… accidental syncronisation of our clothes for a client meeting. Call us what you wish (some have suggested we be labeled ‘the burgundy boys’), but we still stand by our excuse that this was an awkward co-incidence and must never. Happen. Again.