It’s already hard to believe that we have now been working in collective isolation for around eight weeks or so. I had to double check when we moved out of the office to reassure myself of the dates.

We’ve just heard that some of the country-wide restrictions are starting to relax and, as we see some extraordinary pictures of congested roads in some parts of the UK, in stark contrast to a week ago, we are of course planning ahead, considering the various possibilities.

In line with industry guidelines and responsible best practice, it’s likely that our photography and video capture teams will be amongst the first to move into whatever the new normal looks like. More on that in due course.

I just wanted to share a little personal challenge that I’ve set myself – which is to cycle 1000km on an indoor bike to raise funds for Rainbows Hospice for Children and Young People, over the course of six weeks or so. It’s a terrific cause and one that Punch has supported previously. Any help, whether donations or simply sharing the link would be much appreciated, thank you.

Overall, I’m happy to report that the Punch team continues to be safe and well – and it’s extraordinary to be able to say that we continue to function safely, responsibly and indeed efficiently despite the unprecedented times and circumstances.