Once best-loved for its self-destructing images that saved face for many users, Snapchat has since evolved into a behemoth social platform. Bringing together augmented reality, instant messaging and creative content, the app has scaled the ranks of network popularity and is now a must-have tool for anyone looking to boost their social credentials. However, there has always been one element that has kept it apart from the likes of Facebook and Twitter, and that is its ability to collate and keep videos and photos. But with the recent announcement of an update, this looks set to change…


Snapchat broke the news of its latest feature Memories in a blog post earlier this week; and now, users are able to save their favourite Snaps and Stories to a personal collection of moments that are located just below the camera screen.

Memories can be used to create new Stories from existing Snaps or provide the tools needed to combine different Stories into a much longer narrative. Keywords make it simple for users to find specific Snaps, meaning creation is merely a few taps away. Memories also makes it possible to send Snaps from days gone by, highlighting that the post is not a recent occurrence. There’s also a newly-built area to keep those private Snaps away from prying eyes; My Eyes Only is a password-protected section of the app that enables users to keep confidential images hidden. A throwback to the days of fleeting images and videos that weren’t able to be saved, perhaps?

Snapchat’s social worth has been obvious for a while now, what with rocketing user figures and lofty revenue stats, but this latest update is perhaps one of the most significant in a long time. It heralds the beginning of Snapchat standing alongside the big boys of social, like Facebook, as a place to create, share, and most importantly store memories. This could cause users to focus their attention of social image storing away from Instagram or Facebook and straight to Snapchat.

As users begin to see the update appear over the next month, one thing is for sure: those niche-teen-messaging-app days are long gone. And in their place sits a refined, all-encompassing social media service.

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