We’ve been shouting about this integrating PR, Search & Social Media business for a good few years now – and, whether as a direct result of our strategy or otherwise, 2012 has been a crazy year for Punch.


The team has grown significantly. We’re up to 26 at the current count, although a few job offers are outstanding and a couple of people are scheduled to join early January, which will push that figure up a little further.

Our work continues to span both traditional and digital PR, Search (SEO) and Social Media – with most clients working with us on two or more of those disciplines and therefore taking advantage of the economies of scale and enhanced results that we’re able to achieve by doing so.

We’re still very proud to devote blood, sweat and tears to our clients, which range from start ups to brands such as Sony Mobile, where we continue to help manage the global social media and global SEO activities. A former client that has recently moved into a new role said that we as a team and I personally have always treated that particular project as ‘our baby’ – which was something I was very appreciative of, as it’s absolutely true, of not just this project but all our work.

We’ve won several other major clients throughout the year – some of which I can’t name, including a global financial services institution for whom we’re providing global social search activities – along with a range of exciting start ups, SMEs and more established, medium and larger sized B2B and B2C businesses. Moreover, our client base is diverse, challenging and, I believe, testament to our ability to think laterally and solve problems on their behalf. We’ve even turned away several new business opportunities this year.

Interestingly, due to our web presence, we now have clients in Brazil, Russia, Sweden, France, Germany and many in the US – along with a good deal in the UK, of course.

As a result of our growth, we’ve just signed the lease to move into new premises early next year, which is another landmark moment. They’re beautiful and stylish yet unpretentious and relatively inexpensive – more to follow once we’re in but we’ve got some great plans to create a vibrant working environment that we’re all proud to call home.

So, whilst I’m not going to pretend that it’s always been easy, 2012 has been phenomenal for Punch. At our Christmas party I was humbled by looking around at the team we now have – and the fact that we’ve really come together as a group.

Cassie, our copywriter, put it better and more bravely than I could have done when writing some content for our new site (launching January 2013), when she said: “Working at Punch is intense, fascinating, hectic, sporadically hilarious, and always rewarding. Everyone here is eager for a challenge and stubbornly addicted to producing quality work within tight deadlines.” Thanks guys, I –  literally – couldn’t have put it any better myself.