It’s an all too familiar scene – you know, those few days after Christmas and before the new year. Between sofa snoozing and lunching on leftovers, you’ve got some new year’s resolutions to make (then break by February, but hey, who are we to judge?).

We know all the classic promises, we see them all over our newsfeeds – get back in the gym, eat healthier, master the guitar and so on. Another favourite is getting organised and, being a social agency, you can imagine we love us some good, effective time management (#nerds).

This is why the recent wave of digital notebooks – whole systems that allow you to transfer your notes from paper to your electronic device – got us thinking about whether we were moving away from the traditional notebooks altogether. Is going digital the only way to really get organised?

Classic brands such as Sony and Montblanc are embracing this new notebook technology with digital paper, smart apps and stylish stylus pens. But is this new era of notepad the beginning of the end for scribblers, jotters and doodlers, and the phasing out of paper all together? As offices become increasingly paperless – to be both eco-friendly and avoid clutter – it’s easy to see how a digital approach could be beneficial, making mysteriously missing briefs a thing of the past, with all notes being retained in a virtual environment.

However, a recent surge in of paperback sales, despite e-readers being commonplace, does indicate a desire to maintain a physical connection with our belongings and content. Add this to the romantic, nostalgic notions of writers, and the magpie eyes of stationery lovers – and the paper notebook is almost certain to stay around indefinitely.

But whilst the act of putting pen to parchment is unlikely to die out – in offering consumers a choice, brands are extending their reach and engaging new customers.

In a similar vein, it’s worth noting (pun intended) that these brands are also using digital platforms to promote their traditional products. You don’t need us to tell you that a social presence is pretty much essential for a brand to thrive – and this isn’t applicable only to modern, technology-fuelled products. From the tins of chocolates that herald Christmas to the charming countryside coats of a quintessentially British brand, a well-conducted digital campaign can elevate and expose your well-known and loved product to new audiences and potential customers.

Digital comes with many benefits. In the harsh days of winter, online shopping beats the high street for more reasons than we need to list. The map on your phone is likely to get you to the coffee shop quicker than your A-Z, whilst providing the fastest route and an ETA. Plus, that witty tweet you’ll want to post bemoaning said coffee shop queue will be far more convenient from your phone than your laptop.

All things considered, this isn’t your classic print versus online debate. This is a great example of how traditional methods can be enhanced for the customer by recognising the way we tackle tasks is changing. Offering up the best of both worlds, rather than spelling the end for one to make way for the other, is simply a compromise which could potentially please everyone.