From frightful Facebook posts to terrifying tweets, a number of brands have gone above and beyond this Halloween to create some spooktacular social media content. As Sam discussed earlier this month, the buzz around seasonal events creates great marketing opportunities for brands. From Oreo to IKEA, the competition is tough for this year’s Halloween marketing top spot.


After proving to be the reactive content king during the infamous 2013 Super Bowl blackout, all eyes were on Oreo to impress this Halloween – and the company didn’t disappoint! The brand’s #OreoLab campaign gave followers on Twitter, Vine and Instagram the chance to name ‘Nomsters’ created in their spookily-styled 19th century Laboratorium. Fright night fans from all over the world got involved, with winning Nomster names including Count Cornelius Crème and Octo-Oreo.


After becoming one of the first brands to feature in sponsored Instagram ads earlier this autumn, Cadbury has demonstrated its light-hearted social approach with a spooky spin on its usual ad campaigns for Halloween. Although not opting for a full-on frightful campaign, the confectionary brand has demonstrated its reactive ability with a chocolatey spin on Michael Jackson’s Thriller video. The video, along with a handful of playful Facebook images, has proven popular with trick-or-treat fans across the brand’s social media platforms.


An unlikely brand to take flight on the reactive content broomstick this Halloween is IKEA. To advertise the late opening hours of stores in Singapore, the brand released a video tribute to timeless horror classic ‘The Shining’. The 1 minute 24 second clip, in which a young boy rides through a dark, empty store on a tricycle, has already racked up nearly four million YouTube hits. If the video wasn’t enough, IKEA quipped back to a handful of worried viewers with the line: “Relax…this video is purely fictional. No customers have reported any weird sightings at our stores nor have we found any skeletons in our closets.” And for this reason, we have to say, our 2014 Halloween content crown is awarded to IKEA.