Having broken up for a while, it looks like we’ll be seeing tweets integrated with Google search results again in the coming months. The pairing will allow the search engine giant access to around 9,000 tweets per second, for use in real-time search results via Twitter’s firehose. It is hoped that the pairing has the potential to make search results more user-centric, informative and up to date with events as they happen. Not only will this joining of two of the world’s most recognised sites benefit the average Googler but it could also mean great things for brands.


Although the partnership is yet to roll out fully, careful planning by brands could ensure that the rewards of this union are reaped as soon as tweets begin to appear in search results. As we already know, gaining maximum visibility with Twitter content can prove challenging within the reactive, always-on social community. However, the presence of tweets in search results provides the potential to increase the visibility of brand content, and in turn encourage new users to visit and engage with brand pages, particularly with tweets related to brand announcements. With the knowledge that their posts have the potential to rank highly in search results, Twitter content planners now have an expanded opportunity to use news and trending topics to their advantage.

Retaining a focus on reactive content has become increasingly important for brands on Twitter in recent years. As Ellis discussed in her earlier blog post, reacting in real-time with clever content can prove highly fruitful for brands. As the likes of Oreo and Snickers have demonstrated, quick thinking content can have the social world talking enviously about a brand for years to come. The presence of tweets within search results has the potential to make the reactive process even quicker when related to newsworthy stories, allowing social media teams to monitor emerging news topics and keywords in order to react accordingly.

Not only could the partnership help highlight reactive opportunities but it could also allow brands to better identify influential users. Interacting with users who have high follower numbers can help to boost brand visibility, increase user acquisition and demonstrate brand personality. If tweets from influential users do begin to appear in Google search results, brands can identify them more easily and in turn monitor them for outreach.

Although we are yet to witness the effects of the Google and Twitter partnership, first indications shed an exciting light on what is likely to come. If you would like help with the creation and management of social media campaigns for your business, get in touch and find out how our services could meet your brand’s needs.