Ivy Park – paid social campaign

For the launch of Ivy Park’s AW activewear campaigns across both the UK and US, the punch team were tasked with creating and co-ordinating a paid social media strategy and content campaign that would bring to life the incredible joint venture of Beyonce and Topshop.

Carrying out in-depth research into the US and UK markets we were able to establish the most relevant cities, key competitor brands, health & fitness trends, relevant publications, influencers, music artists, ad formats, creative and timings. Following this, a full paid social media strategy was developed for both the US and UK, with Punch then co-ordinating all aspects of the paid ad campaign across Facebook and Instagram – utilising both native tools and manual real-time ad optimisation to maximise performance. 

As well as optimising all paid social media ads, we were also tasked with creating all social media teaser assets leading up to the official AW campaign launch across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – incorporating digital design, video, animation and motion design.

over 10 million people reached on social media channels – 200% above target.
more than 1 million views of the campaign launch video on Facebook.

“an awesome team to work with, delivering outstanding results for both the UK and US campaigns.”

Nicole McLennan (Social Media Marketing Manager, Ivy Park/Arcadia Group)