Neon by Paul Mitchell – New product launch

We teamed up with professional haircare distributors Salon Success to launch Neon® – a new haircare range from Paul Mitchell designed primarily for Generation Z – with a core objective of raising brand awareness. We were also briefed to amplify the brand’s Stand Up To Bullying message, with the help of an anti-bullying ambassador squad.

As well as targeting the teen and young adult audience, it was also crucial to engage with parents of children with experiences of bullying. To achieve this, we delivered a suite of impactful content, underpinned by a full paid media strategy including animated GIFs, videos and Stories across Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. To create maximum cut-through with our two target audiences, we also planned and executed an influencer campaign working with mummy bloggers and young influencers to spread the anti-bullying message alongside sponsored product endorsement.

More than 6 million people reached across Facebook & Instagram

1.3 million video views across social media channels

18,000 click-throughs to the Neon campaign page