Paul Mitchell – INVISIBLEWEAR campaign

To celebrate the launch of Paul Mitchell’s new INVISIBLEWEAR hair care and styling range, we worked alongside the brand’s PR and Social teams to create an engaging and captivating paid social media campaign with a focus on generating as much reach as possible across social media channels.
As well as developing a full paid media strategy, the Punch team managed all bidding and optimisation activities for the duration of the campaign, focusing on a real-time test and learn approach to generate as much value as possible from all paid media spend. 
To bring the paid media campaign to life we created a full suite of social assets, including photography, video and motion graphics-based creative, keeping the product at the heart of the campaign. All creative was split-tested continually throughout the campaign to maximise performance.
30.5 million impressions in social channels
5.5 million people reached
23,000 visits to campaign site