River Island – Shoppable media & AR campaign

To support the launch of River Island’s new homeware range we created a fully immersive suite of digital and social assets including three shoppable 360 rooms and a bespoke AR effect. 
Working closely with the River Island brand team we decided early on that we wanted to produce content that would enable fans and customers to truly visualise what the new range would look like in their homes. To do this we created three trend rooms, ‘Baby Doll’, ‘New Nordic’ and ‘Electric Opulence’. Each of these rooms was styled using products from the new range and shot in full 360 to enable viewers to fully explore each room as well as shop each look and product straight from the asset. Created for both mobile and desktop the focus was to drive as many hot spot clicks as possible whilst inspiring visitors around the latest home design trends.
To complement this, we also designed and launched a custom-built AR effect that enabled fans to use augmented reality to place new River Island homeware products inside their own homes using their smartphones. To achieve this, we built the effect around three hero products from the collection and focused on features that let users rotate products in 3D as well as minimise/increase sizes to fit in with any areas of their homes they wished to showcase the products. Viewers could then screenshot how products looked, uploading these to social channels for a chance to win products from the range.
more than 16,000 hot spot clicks on shoppable asset
a 9% view-to-capture rate for AR effect