Thomson Holidays – #ShoreThing campaign

For national cruise month, Thomson Holidays approached us to do something special for its Thomson Cruises brand. With a core objective of changing perceptions to truly appeal to the younger millennial audience.

We started by researching the younger target audience’s activities in social around travel. We found that at the time, the younger travel audience engaged most with user-generated content (UGC) campaigns and less with content created and pushed by brands. Additionally, what this audience wanted from a holiday was “more” and everything “turned up to 11”.

The plan was to create a UGC campaign that would focus not on the ship, but on the destinations – with a key message of getting five holidays in one, appealing to the “more” theme we knew the audience craved. The result was #ShoreThing – the first ever “14 day, 14 destination” social-led virtual cruise, driven by UGC captured at each of the 14 destinations. Punch created all the strategy, content, copy, paid strategy, videos, digital design, long-form blog content and photography for the campaign. 

the highest level of weekly sales ever for the Thomson Cruises brand
65% uplift in sales during the campaign
over 500,000 interactions from existing and new fans
2.8 million people reached across social channels