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Welcome to the SocialHype Trends Report 2023.

We take a deep dive into the ever-evolving world of social media and its impact on brands.

As we enter into our fifth year of the report, it’s clear that the landscape has shifted yet again. With the rapid adoption of AI and the emergence of Web3, it’s important that brands stay ahead of the curve and develop strategies to capitalise on these trends.

But it’s not just about understanding the technical side of things.

To truly succeed in this fast-paced environment, brands need to think about how to drive sales and make their brand famous through social campaigns. Efficiency and effectiveness in spending and creation are also crucial, as well as a focus on sustainability in the marketing department as a whole.

For those looking for platform-specific insights, we’ve got you covered.

TikTok is set to continue its rise in popularity and provide advertising opportunities for brands, but it’s important to tailor content to align with audience interests and search terms. Other platforms to keep an eye on include Reddit and Discord, as well as LinkedIn for employer branding.

Creators are also becoming increasingly important for brands, with better compensation and incentives offered by platforms. And of course, video content remains a major player in the social media game. As platforms continue to borrow features from one another, it’s vital brands stay adaptable and ready for change.


Don’t get left behind.


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