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The 2024 SocialHype Trends report is here.

The world of social media continues to evolve.

As we reach the sixth year of the Trends Report, the changes feel bigger than ever. Attention is the name of the game but the nature of winning it and keeping it in social media has rarely shifted more quickly for brands.

Eyeballs aren’t enough.

Brains and hearts have to follow.

As established platforms battle it out and new ones emerge, the whole mode and meaning of what a social platform can be is up for grabs. It’s important that brands have a view on what’s coming and an attention strategy to keep them ahead of the game.

With Twitter becoming X, Instagram launching Threads and decentralised alternatives like Bluesky and Spill gradually finding their feet, we’ve got all the information you need about what to expect in 2024.

The sustainability of content production is in the spotlight too. Single-use creative means waste and brands can be more environmentally responsible by maximising the distribution of their content as well as shooting more efficiently in the first place.

Brands need to grab attention. But what attention means, and how they go about winning it and keeping it, is in flux.

The new attention economy is here. Don’t miss out.

Join us as we explore the opportunities for brands in the year ahead.